Our Staff


Practice Manager

I grew up in St. Louis, MO and after living in Chicago and Washington, DC, my family and I relocated to the Pacific Northwest—which is where we had always really wanted to be! I’ve always been an education geek and have multiple degrees in English Literature, French, Science and Nursing, and a Master’s in Business Administration. I’ve also been a big animal welfare advocate my entire life and am thrilled to be in a position at Orchard Hills where I get to help make the world a better place for those who need a voice. When I’m not working, I enjoy cycling, kayaking, photography, and spending time outdoors or at home with my family which includes our four rescue Shar Peis: Oscar, Aiko, Rusty, and Ryu Inu.



Office Manager

I have lived in Washougal all my life and my family has always gone to Orchard Hills Animal Hospital for their animal care. While I didn’t have any veterinary training when I was hired for my position, I grew up on a farm and have loved and cared for a variety of animals my entire life. Orchard Hills was nice enough to give me on-the-job training and I plan on staying as long as they will have me—our clients are just like family. Currently, I have a couple of rescue cats named Paducha and Gideon, and miniature Dachshund named Tanobi who is absolutely my favorite little man. When I’m not working, I love to go hiking, camping, and paddle boarding.




My name is Stephanie. I am a Receptionist at Orchard Hills Animal Hospital. I started work here in February of 2015 and I love it! I enjoy meeting new animals and constantly learning new things every day at work. I have two dogs, Mocha, she’s a mutt whose head wags more than her tail when she’s really excited, and Trigger, who is my tripod rescue. I have two cats, Severus and Cassia, who play fetch and chase their own tails. I’m originally from Virginia, but just moved from Oregon a few months ago. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my son and discovering new hikes for us in the area.




I grew up in Bradenton, Florida and moved to Washougal, Washington when I was eleven. I previously brought my pets to Orchard Hills Animal Hospital. When I became aware of the job listing I thought it was a great opportunity to work closely with animals. I attended Clark Community College and Portland State University. I have always loved animals and working at Orchard Hills Animal Hospital allows me to be around them every day. My house is a Zoo. We have added in the last year 7 ducks, a kitten and a rabbit to our already busy household of a dog and 2 cats. My cat Misty is the oldest and moved with me from Florida and enjoys sunbathing in the window on warm summer days. Sassy is the second oldest and loves to catch snowballs on snowy days. In free time I enjoy finding new trails with my Jeep family. I also enjoy hiking, photography and traveling to new places.




My name is Erin. I have been with Orchard Hills Animal Hospital since August of 2016. I have always had a passion for animals at a very young age, as my father was a veterinarian. I grew up in White Salmon, WA then moved to Camas, WA when I was 6. It wasn’t until recently that I moved back to the SW Washington area, as I had been living in the Seattle area for the last four years. I have always known that I wanted to work in the medical field, whether it was with people or with animals. I currently don’t have any animals of my own. However, I do know I will have at least two dogs down the road! There is nothing like coming home from a long day and having that furry friend great you at the door! I do however pet sit and love spending time with my friends and family members that do have pets. Outside of work I enjoy spending my days either working out at the gym, hiking, going to the movies, day trips to the Oregon Coast, or just spending time with family and friends.



I was raised in Yelm, WA, moved down here when I was 17 and never left. I have always loved animals and have two dogs. Brutus Lee is my newest pet he is a blue-nose Pitbull who loves a belly rub. I also have a 3-legged MinPin/Pug mix whose name is Tequila but my kids call her Mama because she doesn’t leave their side. In my free time, I like to lay in bed and cuddle with my husband and dogs!



Veterinary Assistant

Hi, my name is Kasey and I am a Veterinary Assistant Veterinary Assistant at Orchard Hills. I recently began my journey within pet care, although I have always adored animals and taking care of them is a joy of mine. I have lived in the same area my whole, starting with Washougal, then to Camas, and now I am back in Washougal. I plan to attend the University of Washington in the future to become a Vet. I have been surrounded by animals, mostly cats and dogs, my entire life, which is what sparked my interest, passion, and love for all animals. I currently have three animals, two being cats, and one dog. My cat’s name is Missy, a multi-colored tabby, because she has quite the attitude. Chloe is the family cat, who is a nine-year-old Calico, who drools the second she starts getting attention. And finally, Bentley is my German Shorthair Pointer, who loves bird hunting. When I am not working or going to school at Clark, I am spending time with my friends and family, playing games and making each other laugh until everyone’s stomach starts to ache.



Certified Veterinary Technician

Hi! My name is Amanda and I became a Technician at Orchard Hills in October of 2015. I have always wanted to work with animals ever since I was a child. I went to school at Sanford Brown College and graduated as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2010. My favorite part of my job is assisting with surgeries, cleaning teeth and monitoring anesthesia. I have a dog named Diamond and she’s a Dalmatian/Blue Tick Hound Mix. She’s a very sweet and energetic dog who just wants to smell everything or cuddle up in someone’s lap. I have a daughter named Riah who is a very strong and independent child who loves keeping me on my toes. We moved up to Vancouver from Oregon about a year ago and I absolutely love it up here. During my free time I love going hiking, kayaking, camping and anything else outdoors! My other passion is playing pool. I play on a pool league once a week and have several tournaments at the coast that I go to every year.



Veterinary Assistant/Lead for Hospital Attendants

My name is Rachael. I have been with Orchard Hills Animal Hospital since August of 2012. My previous experience was with Susie’s Country Inn for Dogs and Cats (a boarding facility), St. Francis 24-hour Animal Hospital and Banfield. I started as a receptionist with Banfield and within 4 months was trained to work in the treatment area as a veterinary assistant. I guess spending my lunch breaks in treatment observing and helping convinced the staff my desire was to assist! Here at OHAH I enjoy working as a vet assistant helping the doctors and other staff in providing healthcare for our clients’ furry children. When I first started working at OHAH, I didn’t have any pets. Within a year I welcomed 2 dogs and 1 cat to my family! Netty and Brook are my doggies. Netty can always be found in bed under the covers or sleeping with my children. Outside of work I enjoy spending my days with my family and children, frequenting the local dog parks or going on bike rides.



Certified Veterinary Technician & Receptionist
I grew up in Port Orchard, WA and moved to Rupert, Idaho for a few years, and now live here close to family. I have always loved animals—I was involved in 4H and FFA growing up, and knew I wanted to work in the veterinary field. I attended Yakima Valley Community College. My pets are Charles, a ball python, Asia the cat, and I also have tarantulas, rats, and chickens.



Veterinary Assistant

I started working at Orchard Hills Animal Hospital in December 2013. In October, my husband, Great Dane Mysticete, and I drove across the country from Virginia to experience life on the west coast. I’ve always had a passion for helping animals and can’t wait to help your loved ones. Being new to the PNW, I’m excited to explore the outdoors, camping and hiking, and trying the area’s amazing coffee!


Veterinary Assistant

I grew up on a small farm on the central coast of California. I have recently moved to Kelso, Washington where my partner is working for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

Growing up I had chickens, ducks, rabbits, dairy goats, and a cat. It was with veterinary school in mind that I studied biology at Humboldt State University, and I will be applying to veterinary school next year.

Unfortunately, my pets did not come to Washington with me. My two remaining goats are named Phoebe and Perky, and they are living out their old age on the farm in California. I’m also in the process of planning a coop so that come springtime I can once again have chickens in my life.

In my free time, I play Scottish and Bluegrass fiddle as well as classical violin. I enjoy birdwatching, and lately I’ve been exploring my new surroundings by bicycle and kayak. I also like to sew, knit, and bake yummy treats.



Veterinary Assistant

I grew up in Portland, OR and moved to the Vancouver area after graduating high school. At age 11, I decided I wanted to become a veterinarian, but then at 14, that changed to marine biologist. While I love cats and dogs, I think my real calling is with the ocean and all the mysteries it has to offer. Since I haven’t yet completed the school required for that, I am very pleased to be here at OHAH where I get to do hands on treatments with small animals. In fact, I’m so happy here, I’m not sure if I’ll ever end up pursuing marine biology! At home, I have three dogs: a Husky named Max who licks windows and chews on fingernails, a German Shepherd named Lilly who is the sweetest dog I’ve ever known, and Rocco, who I actually got to see born via C-section! Most of my free time is spent with my dogs, but I just got a kayak and hope to enjoy that out on the lake soon.



Veterinary Assistant

I recently moved from Cincinnati, OH to a tree farm in Washougal. My love for animals began when I was a toddler, as our family always had cats and dogs who I dressed up in baby doll clothes. At home, I have three dogs: Brutus, who has double dewclaws on each of his hind legs, Daisy who chases after my car when I leave, and Boo, who has to sleep under the covers at night. In my free time I like to garden, hike, paint and cook.




Veterinary Assistant

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington. I worked for PetCo for eight years before working at Happy Valley Vet as a vet assistant. As an animal lover my whole life, I knew I would eventually work in this industry. Along with caring for all the animals at Orchard Hills, I have several pets myself. My two dogs are Dazzle, a two-year-old Lhasa Apso who I love and who always has to be the center of attention, and Shimmies, a one-year-old Lhasa, who is my cuddle buddy and who is the daughter of Dazzle. My two cats are Jazzy, the love of my life, and Lovebug, a one-year-old feline who is my daughter’s best friend. For fun, I love hanging out with my kids and animals and taking my dogs camping and to the beach.





I was born in Juneau, Alaska but mainly grew up in Northern Idaho. My family always had many animals, including dogs, cats, chickens, and rabbits, and I loved feeding and caring for them. I knew I wanted to work in the veterinary field when my best friend, a cat named Cassey, had kidney failure. My parents couldn’t afford the vet payments and she had to be put down. I was devastated and wanted more than anything to have the capability to cure her. Today I have a cat named Tigger who is a big fluff ball and loves to be held, given tummy rubs, and taken for walks around the neighborhood. When I’m not working, I’m an active, outdoorsy person and enjoy hiking, kayaking, yoga, mountain bike rides, and exploring new places. I also volunteer at a local cat shelter on the weekends!




Hospital Attendant

I grew up in Northern California, moved to Gresham, OR after high school. I wanted to experience a new area, and I love the northwest! After having other animal care jobs, I knew I wanted to experience veterinary care! I’ve always had a love and passion for animals! When I was younger I would convince my parents to let me foster dogs and kitten litters! I have 2 cats! Leo, my white and grey, very chubby, 3-year-old cat! I adopted him a few years back and now he lives with me in Oregon! Then my significant other and I adopted our 1-year-old black and white munchkin cat about 1 and half years ago! Both of them love chasing each other around and love the laser pointer! For fun I enjoy spending time and adventuring with loved ones, hiking (especially Bridal Veil Falls!), loving on my 2 cats, as well as yoga and meditation.