Puppy and Kitten Packages

Comprehensive Care Packages for Your Newest Family Members

Specialized Puppy & Kitten Care Packages

Welcome Your New Pet with the Best Care!
Bringing a new furry family member home? Ensure they get a healthy start with our comprehensive care packages.

Why Should You Opt For Our Packages?

  • Complete Care: We offer a thorough preventative medical program for your pet’s critical first year.
  • Tailored Pediatric Care: Much like children, your young pet requires timely vaccinations, tests, and check-ups. Our package is curated to fulfill these necessities.
  • Cost Effective: Premium care doesn’t have to break the bank. Benefit from our well-rounded services and save more.

What’s Included?

For Kittens:
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Comprehensive check-ups are spread across four visits, ranging from basic exams and vaccinations to the final step of spaying/neutering.

For Puppies:
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With two options to choose from, you can opt for five standard visits or an enhanced package with an additional spay/neuter visit. Both cover essential vaccinations, health checks, and prevention treatments.

Added Perks:

  • Avail 10% off on all our additional products and services for an entire year!

Flexible Payment Options:

  • Choose from full payments, Care Credit, or a convenient 3-month payment plan.

Certain specialized treatments are excluded from the package.

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