Thanks Veterinary Technicians

This month, we are celebrating our terrific team for Vet Staff Appreciation! Every member of the Orchard Hills Animal Hospital staff works tirelessly to keep our animals healthy and happy, and that’s not easy. We’re so grateful to have them on our team, and we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge how hard they work—especially in the face of all the recent changes in our industry.

We also want to encourage YOU to let us know how much you appreciate them by filling out our form about your pet and a short thank you! It’s a small way to show our gratitude for all the ways our team has tirelessly shown up for us over the years, and this is just one small way we can repay them and show our appreciation.

So take a minute right now, fill out the form below, and show the team some love. For more info or to schedule your next visit, give us a call at (360) 835-2184

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