We are Hiring a New DVM

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We’ve created this page to tell interested veterinarians just a bit more about our practice than what a standard employment ad allows. We all know the most important thing (and the most difficult to know about in advance) in a job situation is compatibility. The interview and job seeking process ultimately functions so that both parties can find out as much about each other in advance as possible. Employment ads, phone calls, e-mails, interviews, and working interviews are all part of this process, and we hope that by elaborating just a bit more here we can augment these other components.

Our Practice

Orchard Hills Animal Hospital was founded in the late 1960s. We were originally a mixed animal practice but have been dedicated solely to small, companion animal care since Dr. Bargar purchased the hospital in 2002. Since that time, the practice continues to evolve. More information about our practice can be found on the main website or our Facebook page.

Our foundational philosophy is simple:

  • Educate clients about what they are faced with at any given time, be that wellness care or an ill or traumatized patient or end-of-life decisions, provide clear options as to how to proceed, and offer advice and guidance.
  • Manage all patients with care, compassion, and empathy.
  • Foster an open learning environment amongst all staff that encourages and supports growth of all staff members.
  • Stay current and continually strive to improve.

We are one of the larger non-corporate practices throughout the greater Portland/Vancouver area.  We have an active social media presence through our Facebook page, Google Ads, e-mail, monthly newsletters and our PetDesk app.  We are well equipped; fully computerized with comprehensive in-house lab, ultrasound, and more (see below).  We have access to a wide variety of local referral hospitals, but also make use of mobile internal medicine consultation (a mobile service combined with ultrasound), echocardiography, and boarded anesthesiologists so we can and do keep those cases in house that our doctors prefer be managed that way. Alternatively, we have great relationships with all local and regional referral hospitals and we consult with and send cases to them regularly.

Finally, our doctor team works well as an interactive team, consulting internally on cases on a daily basis. If you need it or would like it, strong mentoring in medical case management, dentistry and surgery are immediately available.

Equipment & Facility

We are outgrowing our current building and it is admittedly getting a little long in the tooth! It is clean, well-kempt and very functional. It has undergone several internal remodels since Dr. Bargar purchased the practice in 2002, but we are rapidly outgrowing the space and are ready for a new facility. With that, we are excited to start construction on our new 6000 square foot facility in the summer of 2022!

Features and equipment in our current building that will be carried over to the new facility are listed below:

  • Fully computerized – computers in all 5 exam rooms.
  • Practice Software is Avimark
  • Firewalled Remote Access capability for all DVMs and management
  • Direct digital standard radiography (Idexx, Cesium Plate)
  • CR dental radiography (IM3 CR7)
  • Brand new Fuji ultrasound machine
  • Tonovet tonometry unit
  • Philips Burton UV black light and derm light with magnifying lens
  • Idexx Procyte Dx
  • Idexx Catalyst 1
  • Idexx Snapshot Pro SNAP Reader
  • Idexx Vetlab UA with Sedi-View (gone are the days of 3 techs and 2 doctors around a microscope arguing about whether that’s bacteria on the urine sediment)
  • Doppler blood pressure – 2 units
  • Brand new Leica DM750 microscope with built-in Hi-Res camera and networking capability
  • 3 Life-Window and 1 SurgiVet multi-parameter vital sign anesthetic monitors
  • Three portable Masimo pulse oximetry units
  • 3 Bair Hugger Model 505 patient warming units
  • Companion Therapeutic laser
  • Video Otoscope with Auri-Kleen Irrigation System
  • 3 Isoflurane inhalation anesthetic machines with central oxygen & scavenging
  • Oxygen cage unit
  • Dental-Aire Prestige Dental Station
  • Electrocautery (monopolar)
  • Surgical suction unit
  • A full complement of orthopedic instruments and hardware, including a multi-head Stryker and a VOI TPLO saw with all possible radial saw blade sizes.
  • All surgical packs have high-quality German instruments
  • 5 Heska Vet/I.V. 2.2 Infusion Pumps

Many of our equipment purchases have been driven by professional staff interest, expertise, and recommendations. We remain willing to discuss new opportunities to improve the quality of our practice through sound equipment investments.

The Position & Compensation

Our pricing, client base, support staff and management structure allows opportunity for high income commensurate with experience, production ability and/or special interests.  As a non-corporate practice, we offer a very competitive production-based compensation package with a guaranteed base salary. Our compensation packages result in total net compensation (salary plus benefits) of 24-25%.  We don’t use a tiered incentive structure for production, but rather start paying out incentivized bonus as soon as you reach your bi-weekly production goal. For a full-time position, we offer a guaranteed annual base pay of $110,000 with production pay above and beyond this. Most of our full time, experienced veterinarians earn an annual salary package of $140,000+, with a four-day work week of 40 scheduled hours.  

For this position, we are advertising a total compensation package of approximately $120,000-$150,000 per year to start:

  • Guaranteed base salary of $110,000 per year with immediate ability to earn production pay above and beyond base salary.
  • Signing bonus of $10,000, tied to term of employment. Dispensed in $2,500 increments with first dispersal given at time of signing then quarterly for 3 quarters.
  • Relocation re-imbursement.

• Benefit package, which equates to over $10,000 per year:

  • $2,500 per year continuing education allowance
  • 12 days FTO – 2 days intended for CE
  • 3% 401k retirement matching available after 12 months of employment
  • 50% of employee dental/medical insurance premium – Group plan through – Kaiser Permanente
  • Exceptional pet benefits – Goods are cost + 30%. Services are billed at client cost minus 70%. 3 pets per employee. One additional pet – Goods are client cost minus 20% and services are client cost minus 30%.
  • Dues: VIN, DEA, AVMA, PVMA, State licensure
  • 4 day work week for a full-time associate. Approximately 38 scheduled hours.
  • Flexible and negotiable number of procedural days per week, depending on applicant interest and abilities (experience in surgery and dentistry is preferred)
  • Outpatient appointments at 2 per hour. One appointment slot in the morning and one slot in the afternoon are left un-booked, allowing for day-of scheduling of urgent appointments or catch-up time.
  • We take the doctor team to dinner every 1-2 months to relax a bit outside of the hospital and to discuss cases, new products, policy updates, etc.
  • The day’s surgical doctor is dedicated to surgery, sees most to all drop-off appointments, and has no scheduled room appointments.
  • 2 hour lunch break from Noon-2pm, allowing for lunch, phone calls, records catch-up.
  • No emergency on-call
  • No overnights

Our Staff

A well-trained and efficient support staff is a critical component to the success of our practice.  We pride ourselves on a stringent and structured training process and well-designed protocols for any and all newly hired support staff. Training programs are specifically designed and adapted for employees that come to us with previous experience.

  • We currently employ roughly 30 support staff members and 5 veterinarians. Several have been with us for over 5 years, including stints of 7 and 11 and 30 years!
  • Each room doctor has a dedicated team of three assistants. The floor lead is one of these team members. Additionally, the hospital attendant and technician assistant are additional team members whose primary role is to be an additional helper for the doctor teams.
  • The surgical team has a CVT and 2 assistants. One of these team members is a dedicated nurse anesthetist that never leaves the side of an anesthetized patient from induction through recovery.
  • Staff is made up of well-trained, career-minded individuals.
  • Our staff perform everything they are legally able and trained to do. It is our belief that support staff feel more challenged and rewarded if their skills and knowledge are put to good use. Doctors are welcome to do whatever technical procedure (venipuncture, catheter placement, etc.)  they like to do, but it is our belief that doctors are best at being doctors and the technical staff finds their days more rewarding if they are allowed and expected to perform the technical and patient handling duties they are trained to do.

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive description of our practice and the position.  It is meant to give you an idea of some of the intangibles that are vitally important to a lasting employment relationship.  Look around the rest of our website, our Facebook page, and most importantly, call or e-mail Dr. Bargar directly (503.730.5432, ohahdoctors@gmail.com) if you would like to discuss anything further.  You are also invited to submit a resume and cover letter to the e-mail address above.

The Area

Washougal, nestled at the mouth of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, has its roots in rural America, but is truly an evolving suburban bedroom community of the greater Portland and Vancouver area. Around 50% of our clientele that call Camas and Washougal home actually work in professional capacities in Portland or Vancouver. Whether you prefer the fabulous small big-city feel of Portland, the more laid back but evolving and growing small city environment of Vancouver, or prefer to be out near the practice in the beautiful and scenic Columbia River Gorge with all of its outdoor offerings, this area has a tremendous amount to offer.  

Who We Are Looking For…

We welcome all applicants! We have a strong mentoring program in place to guide newly graduated doctors. New graduates will be mentored extensively in surgery, dentistry, case management, and client communication and education. We, of course, welcome doctors with interest and experience in small animal medicine, surgery and dentistry.  Applicants should exhibit thorough diagnostic capabilities, strong case-management abilities and strong communication skills with the ability and willingness to educate owners thoroughly. Basic skills in soft tissue surgery are a bonus. Advanced skills in soft tissue surgery (gastrotomy, cystotomy, enterotomy, enucleation are examples) would be an added benefit, but are by no means required. Also, Dr. Bargar is looking to mentor an associate in TPLO and MPL and other bone surgery. (We have a full and complete kit of all things orthopedic!) Our ideal candidate can handle multiple cases at once and is able to effectively delegate treatments and diagnostics to his or her technical team.  Teamwork is important. At Orchard Hills Animal Hospital, we are looking for someone who can relate well one-on-one with technicians, and oversee several at once.  Obviously, communication skills, especially with clients, are highly important.   You are encouraged to apply even if you do not meet all of the listed criteria. We are looking for associates that meet most criteria and will be a fit for our culture and growing practice!

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